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Sperrinview Special School, Dungannon

Hirstwood Sensory Festival 2

21st Sep 2020
Sensory Festival 2
  It's back!   The Sensory Festival once again brings together a community of parents and practitioners to collaborate, experiment, create and share exciting new ideas and ways of working with learners with complex needs, autism and SEND.   As we transition out of Lockdown and back into the classroom, The Sensory Festival will create and share simple sensory ideas and strategies to support:   re-engagement in learning the emotional resilience of learners  transition re-building and maintaining relationships   for all pupils with complex needs, autism and SEND.   Our Sensory Festival will be FUN and inspire you to create amazing sensory resources, hear new ideas and discover practical strategies you can use straight away.   It will be a weekend of online learning and collaboration with colleagues worldwide!   The format of the Festival is based upon a series of video presentations; online workshops for you to choose; Zoom question & answer sessions and a Festival chat room.   Binge-watch the video presentations over the weekend or catch up with them all until 16 Octoberl!   There will be networking opportunities for all Festival-goers to share; discuss; question; listen; debate; collaborate and problem solve during the Festival weekend.   STILL ONLY £24 (inc VAT) per delegate!   SPECIAL OFFER!   BOOK BEFORE 25 SEPTEMBER AND ENJOY AN EXTENDED TIME TO VIEW ALL THE VIDEO PRESENTATIONS UNTIL 19 OCTOBER!   Schools wishing to make a group booking should email with a spreadsheet of delegates to sign up!  
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  LIVE ONLINE EVENTS WITH CAROL ALLEN & RICHARD HIRSTWOOD:   Beyond the classroom - making the most of other spaces for learning and teaching   Ten Top Sensory Ideas     VIDEO PRESENTATIONS:   Les Staves - 'The physical acts of thinking'   Dr. Sarah Moseley - ‘Foundations of reading: how to develop pre requisite and emergent reading skills for our most complex learners.’     Pete Wells - ‘Gerry Germ goes to Town!’ A Sensory Story for the Covid era!’   Andy Pidcock - ‘Using the power and drama of music in SEND - Part Two!’   Nick Sheffield - The Engagement Model     Simply Sensory - ‘Funk up your classroom to engage teens with complex SEND’   Simply Sensory - ‘‘Bring the environment to your learner’    Chris Barson - 'Why is change such a problem for learners with Autism? What kind of help works?’   Russell Smith - ‘Getting the basics right: how to get the best out of your iPad!'    Clive Smith - ‘Demystifying the proprioceptive and vestibular senses - and why they are important!’   Clive Smith - ‘Safe Spaces - why you need one and how to make one!’   Katie Fielding - ‘Play!’   Max Pierrett - ‘Blooming with Autism’   Bev Cockbill - ‘Sensory resources to support the Recovery Curriculum.’   Tigger Pritchard - ‘Sources of sensory irritation at home: what these could be and how to reduce them.’   Sarah Hall - ‘Sensory Suggestions for Transition.’    Dawn Brown - ‘Using remote teaching to promote inclusive community learning.’   FURTHER SPEAKERS DUE TO CONFIRM THEIR PRESENTATIONS!