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21st Jun 2022

Hirstwood Training: The Ultimate Festival!

15 July 2022 - live events


Access to video presentations until 2 September


The Ultimate Festival to last all summer long is back!



The Ultimate Sensory Festival is a celebration of the collaboration, ideas and knowledge from all five Festivals, which took place during the pandemic!


The format of the ultimate Sensory Festival is a series of videos which is the collection of presentations from all FIVE Sensory Festivals!


As the back catalogue of presentations is vast, the Ultimate Sensory Festival is open from 15 July to 2 September! (We know you all wanted more time to watch the videos!)


NEW for the Ultimate Sensory Festival is a day of live presentations on 15 July! Our keynote speakers include Pete Wells, Fintan O’Regan, Lynne Castle and Dr Sarah Moseley! In addition, there is a panel ‘Questions & Answer’ session in the afternoon of the 15 July.


The Ultimate Sensory Festival will create a wealth of sensory ideas and strategies to spark joy in learning and to bring happiness and playfulness to the classroom/learning environment for learners with complex needs, autism and SEND.


It will rejuvenate your sensory approaches to having fun, building and maintaining relationships and re-engaging pupils in their learning.


All five Festivals had core themes, strategies and ideas including:


ideas about sensory spaces, classrooms and learning environments: inside and outside, stimulating and relaxing, big-budget and no budget!


magical ideas and activities to bring joy to learning, enchanting your learners, making interaction and communication irresistible or introducing mystery and surprise!


playful ways of encouraging exploration, interaction, and self-expression at home or school. Working as a team – playfully!


ideas for supporting learner’s mental well-being, to chill and relax, escape from the classroom’s busyness or become absorbed in a slower-paced activity.


The Ultimate Sensory Festival will create networking opportunities for all practitioners to share, discuss, question, listen, debate, collaborate, and problem solve.


We welcome old favourites and new faces to the Sensory Ultimate Sensory Festival!




Cost: Still only £20 plus VAT per place!


Group Bookings: can now be made via the link below for an unlimited number of delegates! Request an invoice or pay by card!


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