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Importance of Sleep

19th May 2020
A National Sleep Survey found that 70% children go to bed later and 33% sleep more than they used to. The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to change our routine, causing stress and affecting our sleep. When schools will reopen transitioning back to a good sleep routine could be challenging. 

This week we are giving you a few tips to help your children get a good night sleep during lockdown. 

Why is good sleep important? 

Good sleep is vital to our health. Lack of sleep can result in a vulnerability to illnesses, tiredness difficulties to learn and retain information, behavioural problems which can lead to conflicts within the family. 

Why do I have trouble falling asleep and what can I do? 

Many factors can impact our sleep:

2. Poor bedtime routine
The hormone melatonin tells our body wen it's time to sleep.The body starts producing melatonin 45 minutes before we fall asleep. A regular bedtime ensure that the body produces melatonin at the right time so you can fall asleep quickly.

1. Using electronic devices before going to bed
Using electronic devices before going to bed prevents the production of melatonin which is needed to help us feel sleepy. 

3. Stress and anxiety
Stress and anxiety can prevent us from falling asleep. Try different relaxing activities, such as meditation, before going to bed. It will help reduce your stress and stimulate the production of melatonin. 

4. Eating before going to bed

Eating too much before bedtime can make you feel full and uncomfortable which can prevent you from falling asleep. 

Now a few fun facts about sleep:
  • We spend a third of our life sleeping
  • 11 days is the longest recorded time a person spent without sleeping
  • The fetal position is the most common sleeping position
  • Cats spend two thirds of their life sleeping
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